Root Zone

A variation of root zone technology, the reed bed system treats and recycles sullage and sewage. Combining physicochemical and biological processes into a single operation, the reed bed forms a complete treatment unit which also reduces energy use and the load on the central sewerage system.

Consists of a treatment tank filled with proprietary reed bed support and filtering material and planted with wetland plants. Waste water flows through the medium and around the roots of acclimatized plants and get treated for organic and suspended impurities by the combined action of plants, micro-organisms and fungi.

It can then be disinfected for use for toilet flushing, gardening and irrigation or to recharge ground water.

  • No electricity required for Aeration
  • No moving parts hence low maintenance & replacement costs
  • Treated water fit for irrigation
  • No foul odour
  • Picturesque gardenlike appearance

Functioning of the System

  • Wet Land Systems combines the functions done by aeration tank, secondary clarifier and sludge handling mechanism in a single, operationally simple and beautiful unit
  • Properly designed treatment tank
  • Proprietary filling material
  • Acclimatized, aerobic, anaerobic & facultative bacteria
  • Acclimatized & selected indigenous plants
  • The pre-clarified sewage (Septic tank design) is made to pass through the Wet Land Tanks. Here it interacts with the proprietary filling media and the bacteria present in the rhyzosphere of the acclimatized plants. This interaction results in removal of BOD, COD & suspended solids

The aerobic and facultative bacteria introduced in the Wet Land / Reed Bed System are supplied with oxygen by the network of root system of the acclimatized plants. While the anaerobic ones thrive away form the roots. Organic matter is converted to carbon dioxide & water. The sludge is mineralized and the suspended matter is filtered &sedimentedinsitu. As a result we get treated water out of the system.

Available Variants Tertiary Treatment Ideal Applications
Civil: 20 M3/Day to 250 M3/Day MGF + ACF (Basic Filtrations) Universities / Institutions in large field areas
Water Softening for Cooling Water Make-up Application Residential Societies in outskirts & low cost housing
Ultra Filtration Industrial Units with large irrigation belts

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